3 Emerging Occupational Therapy Technologies

3 Emerging Occupational Therapy Technologies: With 2019 just around the corner you may not be surprised to learn about virtual physical therapy or online occupational therapy services. Yes, you heard me right, you can do your physical therapy exercises with a professional therapist from your home using technology.In fact, both pediatric and even adult patients can receive online occupational therapy treatment.

3 Emerging Occupational Therapy Technologies
3 Emerging Occupational Therapy Technologies

And to take things just one step further, medical professionals can even get their degrees online with the help of companies like the OTA Guide which connect students with over 100+ online occupational therapy assistant schools.

3 Emerging Occupational Therapy Technologies

Now that your mind is completely blown let’s dive right into these 3 new technologies for physical and occupational therapy patients and professionals.

1. Physical Therapy From the Palm of Your Hand

Can you imagine connecting with a highly trained professional physical therapist certified to help heal your body all through an app on your smartphone?

Well, you don’t need your imagination because this is the reality.
Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user can find physical therapy apps to get virtual treatment.

Once you have the app and your appointment schedule zip code therapist video of your movements and assess your treatment plan.

From there the app will keep you on schedule with your exercises how you to follow up with your therapist.

2. Online Occupational Therapy Treatment

Through the use of special computer programs audio conferencing and other technologies variety of Occupational Therapy services offered online.Although there is yet to be a smartphone app virtual Occupational Therapy services a computer anyone can get treatment online. There are fun learning modules such as games for children as well as more advanced materials and modules with a variety of needs. In fact you can even join online group sessions!

3. Smart Clothes to Track Your Health

Even your clothes now have a battery life. 1.5 years to be exact. That is how long the battery life lasts in a shirt that tracks things like activity level, heart rate, breathing patterns, sleep, heart rate variability and stress.

With data points from each of these measurements, your occupational therapist can better track your progress to understand which adaptations are working best for you.

Power Up Your Therapy Sessions

So, if getting grandma to the physical therapy clinic is a huge hassle then you may want to consider some of these new OT and PT technologies to make access to care much easier. They are sure to power up your physical and occupational therapy sessions.An OT and researcher from ScholarWorks said,

“Technology has made an impact in every aspect of life including in the field of occupational
therapy. The technological advances has allowed for more specific diagnostic techniques
that have lead to more specific therapy.”

Lindsay Hayes So, if you are finding a challenge in your therapy treatment then don’t be afraid to ask your therapy professionals if there are any new technology solutions that may help. Alternatively, if you are a medical professional looking for new job opportunities then consider looking into new technological services in your field that you may be interested in.

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