5 Habitual Browser Problems and How to Fix Them 2019

Can you imagine your single day without browsing? There will be a big NO, I’m sure. We look upon our browsers for almost all our tasks. Well, running browsers fastens your work execution, provides flexibility and keep you secure, So you are reading 5 Habitual Browser Problems and How to Fix Them 2019.

5 Habitual Browser Problems and How to Fix Them 2019
5 Habitual Browser Problems and How to Fix Them 2019

We all are used to work on our particular browsers, encountering any bug in it really affects our overall productivity and functioning from general searching to watching our favorite T.V shows.  Assuming your internet connection speed is fine (check it here), test and compare with your current package Night Mode Browsing In Google Chrome How To.

If you are getting low uploading or downloading speed, contact your Internet service provider and share the issue. If you net speed is correct, then you might have browser issues. 

5 Habitual Browser Problems and How to Fix Them 2019

Switching from one browser to another is like stepping out of your comfort zone. Choosing which one to go with also gets very tricky at times as all of them comes with their own pros and cons.

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Let’s discuss 5 habitual browser problems that we usually go through and how to fix them.
  1. Acting as a Snail

Abrupt loading of web pages & slow performance of your browser with a high-speed internet really tests with your patience at times. There are several reasons behind your web browser being sluggish. We are listing some of them below with their fix it kit.

– You might be using an outdated version of it. Try to install all your updates as they arrive. To make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser do as follows;

  • Chrome: HelpAbout Google Chrome
  • Firefox: HelpAbout Firefox
  • Windows Edge: Update & SecurityWindows Update Edge,
  • Safari: Updates tab in the Mac App Store

– Unwanted Add-ons can also be the underlying cause of slow performance. Check the list of your add-ons and delete ones that you’re not using.

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  • Chrome: More toolsExtensions
  • Firefox: Add-ons from the menu
  • Windows Edge: Extensions from the menu
  • Safari:  PreferencesExtensions from the menu.

– It might be a corrupted cache of data and cookies that are hindering the fast loading of your web pages. Clear your browser history and give it a new start.

  • Chrome: SettingsAdvancedClear browsing data.
  • Firefox: OptionsPrivacy & SecurityClear Data.
  • Windows Edge: SettingsClear browsing data
  • Safari: Preferences Privacy Manage Website Data.

-If nothing works from the above-mentioned points, try to uninstall and reinstall your browser

2.Random Crash Stories

Suppose you’re watching your favorite tv show, shopping something off online sale, saving an important presentation on the drive or simply talking to your friend and your browser suddenly refused and out of nowhere decides to quits. Undoubtedly the most annoying feeling ever. Isn’t?
Well, we all go through this sometime or another. The first step is to go and check your browser’s version, make sure it’s up-to-date. The next is to go through your list of extensions and scan your browser’s cache. It also might happen that the sudden plug-in of any hardware device causes an instant crash. Summing up, there’s not a definite reason you can go with. The last option to try is reinstall or reset your browser to avoid random browser crashes.

  1. Unwanted URL suggestions

Users who are into online research all the time know how autosuggest function of their browser, scare them out with unwanted ghosts. Dumping just the unwanted URLs really streamlines your browsing experience. Below are the ways to erase those annoying addresses How To Run Android Apps In Chrome Browser Fast Ways;

    • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari have the same way to delete: Highlight the suggestion in the address bar & press Shift-Delete
  • Opera: Highlight the URL in the address bar and look for an ‘x’ to the far right. Click that & erased.
  1. Flood of Pop-Up Windows

The problem of undesirable Pop-Up windows is certain. They are hard to fight as they are unavoidable and cause an immense amount of irritation. The first thing that strikes us when we come across them is Malware. It doesn’t matter what antivirus or anti-malware program you have, it still leaves your browser infected. It is most possible that they might have installed   as an extension or as a separate program,

To counter this bug, follow the instructions we stated in the corrupted cache of data and cookiespoint. For further assistance, you can also try an ad-blocker app that might help you too.

  1. Altering home page

As I discussed above, we get so used to work every day on our same browser in spite of its various issues that switching to some other option make leave us hesitant.  Same is the case with our pre-set Home Page. Changing the home page interface might be due to the extension or a rogue piece of malware that is directing you somewhere else.

Deleting unrequired add-ons from your system and reviewing your security settings with a complete scan might prevent your homepage to change. Apart from them, uninstall and reinstall might be enough to clear out whatever’s getting in the way of the browser settings.

A General Rule:

Summing it all up, remember a general rule. Keep everything up to date—your device drivers, your other software, your operating system as a whole. This should help to minimize compatibility problems and stop anything else from interfering with your browser. Happy Browsing! ” especially Thanks for “Mr: Haroon Shahzad“.

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