A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)

A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement) :The latest case of sexual harassment at LUMS famous many worrying facets of Pakistani society – i will write more on the problem but for now I desired to write about the announcement that colleagues of the accused issued within the press in his defense. i’ve been an extended status admirer of the mind of a lot of those who penned this which is maybe why their poorly idea out, sometimes completely ridiculous and in different places downright incorrect illustration of “facts” turned into annoying to mention the least. Pasted underneath is that assertion they issued and in ambitious, inside the text, is my trouble with their protectionA Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement) .

A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)
A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement) 1

A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)

9 modern-day and recent traveling school contributors at regulation and coverage department at LUMS have issued a declaration in help of Prof Abid Hussain Imam which become published in Pakistan today. The declaration reads A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement):A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)

“we are contemporary and latest faculty of the regulation and policy branch at the Lahore university of management Sciences and write to take difficulty with a deceptive information record entitled “LUMS trainer discovered responsible of sexually harassing student” revealed in the 1 November 2014 trouble of Pakistan today.A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)

We consider that the item, in addition to the underlying Ombudsman’s file, does a super disservice to our colleague, Professor Abid Hussain Imam. As cutting-edge or recent individuals of the branch, we are collectively familiar with all the information and situations referring to this case, as well as the people involved. As such, we experience forced to set the report immediately.

The incident in query befell in proverbial “large sunlight hours” in a public corridor within the law and policy branch, inside the presence of numerous witnesses inclusive of the top of the law branch. The whole proceedings were captured via a hall protection digital camera and the footage has been made to be had to all parties, and has been viewed by using us.

summary Argument: Harassment does no longer show up in daytime or public places

hassle with argument: yes it does. Ask a woman. or even guys. visit a bazaar. Get from your privileged cocoons and vehicles and travel in public delivery in large daytime. Then revisit preposterous declare.

additional trouble: In what ability became this video made available to you? have been you part of the official research committee shaped at LUMS? Or is all CCTV photos at LUMS public property that anybody can view it? Why did you have get right of entry to to this video in the first place? Why is that this evidence being treated so gently that it’s far available to all people?

It indicates Professor Imam became status in a corridor in front of his office whilst a collection of college students stopped by using and engaged in communication. At one factor within the course of this organization communique, Professor Imam is seen momentarily placing his hand at the shoulder of one of the assembled students. The entire episode of the briefest tap at the pupil’s shoulder took at most a second earlier than Professor Imam speedy withdrew his hand.

precis Argument: He tapped her in short on the shoulder.

trouble with the argument: The esteemed signatories of this file omit telling the readers that what isn’t visible on footage filmed from a ways off but became established by means of Professor Imam is that in this briefest of faucets he virtually unzipped a 3 inch zipper element on the scholars blouse and exposed her shoulder.

extra hassle: So it seems like the guys writing this statement claiming to realize all the statistics don’t absolutely recognise all of them. Their initial declare of knowing all of the information and putting the file straight, therefore, goes out the window here. Please prevent reading in addition. those men don’t honestly have all the records. Or maybe they did have all of the statistics however then that might suggest they may be mendacity with the aid of omission and deliberately deceptive the reader. I clearly desire that that isn’t always the case.

the students lingered on for some time after which walked away. There appeared nothing to bitch about. This became the whole volume of the incident as recorded by CCTV photos.

precis Argument: no person reacted within the video like something became wrong. consequently not anything turned into incorrect.

hassle with Argument: A commonplace response to harassment or any form of unwelcome contact isn’t a few healthy of screaming rage or running approximately in frantic circles. it’s far most usually silence. Do your research. Ask the specialists.

understanding that although this inadvertent action could have been beside the point, Professor Imam right away apologized to the student instant, if any offense have been induced. That need to had been the stop of the problem. Professor Imam mentioned the problem with the LUMS Vice Chancellor who counseled him to offer every other apology, which he complied with.

precis Argument: He stated sorry. What greater do you need?

problem with argument: i’m able to’t even begin to deconstruct this one. a person pronouncing sorry to a female must be sufficient. Get with this system girls!

however, the pupil in question although decided to press a proper criticism. there may be a notion that in urgent the matter she was endorsed by using some other law department school member who, in the course of that very period, changed into being uncovered by way of Professor Imam for falsely representing his instructional qualifications.

summary Argument: He stated sorry. She still complained!! every other Professor helped her and egged her on because of a personal vendetta with the accused.

problem with Argument: The implicit assumption that girls or everyone on the receiving cease of irrelevant physical touch need to be satisfied with a five letter word is infuriating. The fee for humiliating or harassing every other individual in public isn’t always sorry.

As for the alternative professor – he may have advocated or supported the pupil. however it doesn’t trade what Professor Imam did. The pupil changed into properly inside her rights without or with assist from others to bitch about what passed off to the relevant authorities.

A committee comprising two women and a male college member became constituted. After an in depth research, interviewing witnesses and a assessment of the video footage, it located Professor Imam innocent of sexual harassment both beneath college policy in addition to under prison strictures.

We together consider that, given the witness debts in addition to the video recording, there was no other feasible outcome to this research. as soon as the complete file became made to be had, it conclusively verified that the scholar’s written criticism (already part of the file) became grossly exaggerated as well as misguided.

precis Argument: A committee at LUMS observed the professor not guilty of sexual harassment. The file demonstrates “conclusively” that the pupil become exaggerating and lying. This man is harmless.

trouble with Argument: The accused admitted unzipping the pupil’s blouse. A truth you forget about while you bypass judgment. but allow us to assume that this changed into an sincere mistake and no longer meant to be sexual harassment. however the pupil felt confused – regardless of his intentions or your perceptions.

Even the committee described his act of unzipping a pupil’s blouse surprisingly irrelevant – however you also overlook to say the reality that the committee at LUMS observed him guilty of inappropriate behavior. some thing inside the pupil’s assertion which you think was exaggerated and fabricated should had been correct.A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)

It have to additionally be mentioned that while this rely was pending extra than one hundred twenty of Professor Imam’s students signed a petition in his aid and defense, lauding his excellence as a trainer in addition to his professionalism and integrity.

summary Argument : one hundred twenty youngsters assume he’s an first rate teacher. They signed a petition A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement).

hassle with Argument: bill Clinton left office with the highest stop-of –office approval ratings of any American President on account that global battle II. He became popular too. He additionally dedicated adultery and lied under oath.

in spite of being located innocent, Professor Imam in protest, on principle, resigned from his role on the university in may also 2014.

For her part, the student took the problem to the authorities Ombudsman whose document your paper has featured in its tale. From what we recognize of the conduct of the Ombudsman’s inquiry, we’ve serious reservations about its process, and apprehend it displayed scant regard for the tactics and protections mandated and envisaged with the aid of regulation.

summary Argument: We aren’t certain but either in protest for something (now not sure what he changed into protesting) or on precept Professor Imam resigned. The girl still didn’t permit pass and took the case to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman did a bad process, left out due process and law and produced an wrong verdictA Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement) .

trouble with Argument: First please determine if he resigned in protest or on principle and let us realize. Secondly, when you have issues with the criminal system or don’t just like the outcome as a end result – then take it up with a felony authority. challenge the decision. Who’s stopping you?Top 5 Best Android Apps For College Students Tricks And Tips

however, we write now by and large due to the fact we believe this entire technique has wronged a valued colleague, and has led our college and specially its fledgling law department to lose one of its most talented participants.

those are the data as we understand them. We understand that sexual harassment at administrative center is a actual difficulty and desires to be fought enamel and nail. however, fake accusations and tainted approaches handiest hurt this motive.A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement)”

precis Argument: We believe, our colleague, who touched a scholar with out her consent or approval is the wronged birthday celebration. And the recognition of our law college is suffering so we needed to speak out. Oh and yeah sexual harassment is a issue. We comprehend it. we’re truly trying to create a safer surroundings in public places with the aid of standing up for a instructor who stepped out of his bounds and made unwelcome bodily touch with a scholar. thanks Top 5 Best Android Apps For College Students Tricks And Tips!

problem with Argument: You’re seeking to create a more secure surroundings in public locations with the aid of status up for a teacher who stepped out of his bounds and made unwelcome bodily touch with a student. You want to be the coolest guys status up for fact and justice. however you stumble upon those just standing up for the vintage defend of the Pakistani elite. And your college students and others now not blinded by private bias can see thatA Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement) .

The statement become signed by Osama Siddique, Bilal Hassan Minto, Zubair Abbasi, Maryam Khan, Zoe Richards, Waqqas Mir, Rafay Alam, Saad Rasool and Ali Ahsan.

word: The declaration isn’t the professional model of LUMS and its law and coverage department and the views expressed via the signatories are merely of their non-public capacity A Story of Sexual Harassment ( Girl own Statement).

P.S. in case you certainly need to create more secure spaces for students and a more honest and just device of trial – then train your college students to talk up in opposition to things like unwelcome physical contact from others. Don’t tell them and the sector that they have to learn how to be complacent with an apology. And when methods and structures might rule in opposition to you or them then mission those structures via the institutional way to be had thereby helping them improve. Don’t train your college students to close as much as guard the honor of your regulation faculty or college individuals. Don’t facilitate more crimes within the name of honor. God is aware of we have already got sufficient of them.

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