Behind Reality of Killer Blue Whale Game Explained Hindi / Urdu

Behind Reality of Killer Blue Whale Game Explained Hindi / Urdu: Hello guys you are already aware of “Blue Whale” Game.nowadays It’s viral on social media about a killer game called blue Whale where teenager play this game and kill own today we will share you about the behide reality of killer blue whale game in the video.

Behind Reality of Killer Blue Whale Game Explained Hindi / Urdu

Behind Reality of Killer Blue Whale Game Explained Hindi / Urdu
Behind Reality of Killer Blue Whale Game Explained Hindi / Urdu

The Blue Whale. He is given one challenge after the other. He accomplishes every task and keeps on moving to the subsequent levels. The final and concluding challenge asks him to commit suicide. He clicks himself on top of a building and jumps. If police speculations are to be believed, this is what led to the death of the 14-year-old Mumbai boy four days ago. This is the first death in India.

Where the behind gamer exposed

The Teenager Girl from Russia played this game because she was upset own life then she came to know about social media this game and join this games through A group where Blue Whale admin created.Russian girl asks to play the game in the group and Admin noticed she wants to play this games.

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then, Admin Got all information about This girl such as Name, Location, Phone etc then she started the game now after some time she bored with this game admin force her to don’t stop the game otherwise he will kill all her family member.she afraid and play more game to level up.

Blue Whale game 18-19 Task List

There are 18 Task admin provided through social media and victims have to do it included

  1. scratch the Blade on hand
  2. Make tattoo of Whale Fish on Hand through Blade
  3. Watch horror movies on 4 Am
  4. Go to top on the roof and set on the corner
  5. Don’t talk with family member
  6. Draw the picture of whale fish and sent back to Admin
  7. Always behave sadly
  8. Watch too much horror movies which admin provided
  9. try to Climb on the Crain.
  10. Attack on own hand through Pin
  11. Make do badly own self
  12. Talk with Blue Whale victims
  13. Admin The date of victims which provided by Blue Whale Admin.
  14. write the #F57 on hand by Blade
  15. Scratches on Legs.
  16. Write the “I’m Whale” on Social media Profile.
  17. Play Sad Songs Blue Whale Admin provides
  18. Injured your lips

What parents can do

Online is a medium frequented by teens and anonymity increases the chances of experimentation. Moreover, it is easy to access without supervision that makes it dangerous and alluring at the same time.

Dr. Seema shares:

Parents need to keep talking to the kids. Take interest in your child’s activities.

Give them space to share their feelings without negating them.

Never reprimand your teen for whining, crying or staying aloof. Try to find out the reason behind the unnatural behavior. For example, a disturbed stomach could be a sign of anxiety.

Monitor their digital behavior and subtly keep an eye on their internet activity. It is extremely important.

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