How to check who is connected with your WiFi and Block them

How to check who is connected with your WiFi and Block them:Today we are here to share you about WiFi users Is your internet browsing speed is getting slower day by day?Then might be someone who is connected with your WiFi without your knowledge.It might be a STEAL which is causing that slowing down your internet browsing speed. So in order to overcome and ensure this issue I am writing this tutorial for you guys. Today you are going to learn to check who’s connected with your WiFi and ones you know about them then simply block them.

This guide is specially written for Android users; you need to download an app and then you can easily who is connected with your network if such connections are suspicious then simply block them.

How to check who is connected with your WiFi and Block them

Here are the steps to follow in order to first check that who is using your WiFi without your knowledge and then block them to revive your browsing speed. Now without testing your patience more let me take you to the steps;

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Checking who’s connected

  • First we are checking that who is connected with our internet network;
  • First of all, Download Fing app on your android smartphone.
  • Ones the app is downloaded, launch it and there you will see the name of your network along with Settings and Refresh button.
  • Tap on Refresh to see all the connected networks. Ones you have refreshed then you will see all the connected device along with the indicator that whether connected network is PC or smartphone.

Blocking the Suspicious Networks

If you have found any suspicious connection then you should block it right away and for that follow these steps;

  • First get the MAC to address of suspicious connection; it will be a number that will be found from the above steps, where you have checked the suspicious connection. (MAC address will consist of numbers and letters).
  • Now open web browser on your computer on which your internet router is connected and enter your router IP.
  • Now enter your router ID and password.
  • Click on Mac Filtering from Security and then click on Add Device.
  • After that, enter the MAC address of the device which you want to block under the MAC field; give any name or other details, if asked and then Click on Apply, Save or OK whatever the option may be. Repeat the same process for different suspicious accounts.
  • You have successfully banned the suspicious networks.

This was out the tutorial to check who’s connected with your WiFi and block them. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend them in the comment box. I shall get back to your questions as soon as possible.

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