Do you know the man who gave the whole world the gift of USB? A Gujarati joke

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USB is widely used in the world today, especially for any work on a computer or mobile. But did you know that it was invented by an Indian? Ajay Bhatt is the computer engineer who made this device. This device has since become a special device for those who use gadgets.

Here’s how the idea came about

While working at Intel, while Ajay was inserting a multimedia card into a computer, the idea of ​​making devices connected from outside the computer came to his mind. However, Ajay himself at the time did not believe that his idea would be the biggest technological invention after the silicon chip.

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While working at Intel after the idea came, Ajay formed and started working with a team of like-minded engineers to make USB, after 6 years of hard work he made USB. Then in the 1990s the world’s first USB came on the market which took the form of a revolutionary device.

It is worth mentioning that since USB first came in the market, now it is 400 times faster than USB 3.0. Now it will be 816 times faster than the next USB.

Let me tell you that Ajay Bhatt is from Gujarat who makes revolutionary devices like USB. He graduated from Maharaja Sayojirao University, Baroda. He then earned a master’s degree from New York University.

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