EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Top Best Recovery Software for Mac & PC

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Top Best Recovery Software for Mac & PC: The deletion of necessary files from the system often happens with the regular system users either by a misunderstanding with other files or overlook. However, the deleted files stay in the recycle bin if it is deleted by using normal operation, but if the permanently delete operation is performed, then it’s quite difficult to get those files again. Any software in the Windows operating system or Mac Os doesn’t support the recovery of the permanently deleted files on its own. One needs to use third-party recovery software in order to get those deleted files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - Top Best Recovery Software for Mac & PC
download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Top Best Recovery Software for Mac & PC

Free recovery software such as EaseUS Wizard for Mac Data Recovery is preferred all over the world due to its high-end features as well as faster processing. Moreover, Mac OS is quite a bit difficult than the Windows OS when it comes to performing an additional operation to the system due to the enhanced rare configurations of apple company.

download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Top Best Recovery Software for Mac & PC

Working of EaseUS Data recovery software

Files that are deleted permanently by using “Shift+delete” operation remains in the hard drive until it is overwritten by some other files with the same name. Any inbuilt software application can’t retrieve those files from the hard drive but third-party software such as EaseUS serves the sole purpose of recovery of the files from the hard drive after the permanent delete. However, if the file is overwritten by other files in overlook then it becomes quite impossible to see those files again for sure, most prominently on MacOS.

  • EaseUS wizard runs the scan operation all over the hard drive and restores them to any targeted file directly on the MacOS.
  • It scans everything on the system including those deleted files from the hard drive.
  • Users can see the file names running on the display of the software.
  • If one comes across the file to be recovered, then just click on stop and then restore them on any folder that you want to store for future purpose.

How to use the EaseUS Data recovery software?

There are no complicated steps for the data recovery using EaseUS wizard, all you have to do is follow some simple steps.

  • Download and install the EaseUS for Mac OS from the official website easeus.com.
  • Let the software access every required element on the system which is the most trusted one in every sense.
  • Search for the file to be recovered in the search box provided and click on search button.
  • The scan operation will start and the names similar to the searched words will show up.
  • Click on the stop button if your file is visible and then click on restore button to retrieve the file on your system as it was before see EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Features of EaseUS Mac data recovery software

    There are tones of beneficial and incredible features included in the EaseUS wizard, but one of the best parts of them is that EaseUS is the only software that is compatible both with Windows as well as Mac. It works with the same speed in both the operating system and also a bit faster in Mac supported software-based applications. Some of the best features of EaseUS recovery software are:

  • Multi recoveries at the same speed: – EaseUS wizard can recover not only multiple files at a time but also stretches the same speed all along the scan and recovery. It can scan as well as display the files found with the similar names as searched on the software which makes its processing faster and also saves a lot of time of the user.
  • Recovery of any types of files of any size: – By using the EaseUS Mac data recovery software, users can retrieve any number of files, of any format and size ranging up to 2 GB. It supports all formats such as jpg, mp3, mp4, pdf etc and can retrieve all of them at a glance faster than any other software in the market.
  • Ease of use: – This recovery software has the easiest and the most convenient environment, which can be expertise by the beginners within a moment. The easiest user-friendly interface of the software supports to recover deleted files in every format with all readily available options on the display of the software.
  • Supports multiple devices: – EaseUS can be used in multiple devices connected to the system either iOS mobile devices or else pen drives. Recovery can be done similar to the system interface and all you have to do is search for the file you want to recover to the system from the hard drive.
  • Free software: – It is free third party software that can be configured to any devices with two separate versions for Windows or MacOS. Pro version is more compatible with both the versions with faster processing and scanning speed with even more faster recovery.

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Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for MAC

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for PC


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It’s all about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Top Best Recovery Software for Mac & PC it is very intelligent and smart software which allows you to create/recovery your data from PC/Mac easily without any issue. It is available Free as demo and pro as full capable software which you have fully access on software with in affordable price, Android,iOS , Mac, Windows all operating system supportive. IF you have any query regarding issue you can contact us via Comments.

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