Facebook made overnight ‘Supreme Court’ by sharing obscene photos of girls in Instagram group

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Facebook has built its own Supreme Court. Facebook has announced that it has created an ‘over siteboard’. Which will work exactly like the ‘Supreme Court’. The board will make decisions based on “freedom of expression” and “human rights.”

Its purpose will be to moderate the content policy on Instagram and Facebook and make the decisions associated with it. This is said to be an attempt to improve the content and keep a clean position on social media.

The issue of spreading obscenity in groups like ‘Bois Locker Room’ on Instagram is currently under discussion in India and at the same time this board has also come up. However, Facebook had already made plans for this board.

This over signboard will make decisions that any type of content can stay on Facebook and Instagram and any type of content needs to be deleted. The board will make decisions based on freedom of expression and human rights.

Controversy over posts, pages, profiles, groups and even advertisements on Facebook and Instagram will now be in the hands of this oversight board. 20 people have been specially appointed for issues around the world.

The board will try to include issues that affect a large number of people. There will be hearings on items related to content appearing in public and issues related to the user’s post, page, profile and group.

The board may also reverse the decisions made by Facebook and hold a final hearing on all cases. Both the user and Facebook can use the matters of the board but which cases will be raised will depend on the discretion of the board.

Which will have its own user facing website, on which complaints and disputes will be registered. Facebook has the power to send limited cases to the board and does not have the right to ignore cases. The board will also have the option of seeking help from an outside expert to make a decision.

This will also keep track of the activities associated with all types of content that come with Facebook’s existing policy. Then whether it is Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm or Human Moderator. If any of these decisions lead to any dispute, the matter will be referred to the Board.

The board will have a maximum of 90 days but they can also make quick decisions. The board cannot talk about any government policy. The 20-person oversight board also includes nine law experts, a Yemeni Peace Prize winner, a journalist, an independent speech advocate and an author from the Liberationist Kato Institute.

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