How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]

How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yahoo/yandex/ [Quick Index] 2020-2021 Today we are here to share you latest and fast way to index your URLs/website on search engine quickly, As you know almost Google has 92% of the search market, you can judge around you, when you need to search anything first comes in your mind is “Google” because of fast and reliable content gives you in few seconds.

How to Submit Website to Google and Bing Yahoo
How to Submit Website to Google and Bing Yahoo

Noew, google has many services running such as Google Advertising, Adsense, Gmail, much more, If you want to improve your business in the pace of Google then you need to understand Google what they thinks, So if you planning to Drive your traffic in shape of [Money or Revenue] to your website, then, you need must learning “How to Fast Submit URLs to google

How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]

moreover, there are many other search engine such as “Bing & Yandex & Yahoo” these are also valuable and powerful source of traffic toward your website but not much as google, but, you need to also learn in these search Engines to submit Urls on Bing & Bing too.

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Learn # How to submit your website to Google

First of all, you need to Add your web site to Google by registering and work into your Google Search Console is so simple to create by that’s also Google product. Then, Google grab the content from your website to Google by XML website sitemap to submit your entire site to Google or request a bed the “URL Inspection” report back to submit one page or URL to Google.

How to submit a single URL to Google by crawl request

  • URL Inspection

URL Inspection is new launched by google, where you can quickly index your URL/website, Depend on how much valuable content in your website, Google algorithm is very intelligent & Smart.

how to url inspection
how to url inspection

You can notice the “URL Inspection” report at the highest Top of the sidebar menubar, below “Overview” and “Performance.” to save lots of time, you’ll be able to additionally access this report via the search bar in Google Search Console. simply copy and paste your computer address.

A pop-up can seem that says, “Retrieving knowledge from Google Index,” and so your report can load.

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Learn # There are Two Way to Index your website on Google

Before you begin submitting links to Google, it’s useful to know the various ways that you’ll be able to process it easily. That way, you’ll be able to choose the most effective technique for your business, which may save your team time, money, and hassle.

  • 1 # Request a crawl
  • 2 # Submit XML Base Sitemap
  • Request A Crawl

Easy to understand this option, every search engine has own Crawl facility to drag your content to relative search engine easily. according to google service it is able to index on google Single URL index by force on google, not entire website.

This option helps you if you edit your content with latest material and wish to index on google to helpful for user’s then you need to Request a crawl option.

  • Submit XML Base Sitemap

A XML sitemap is that the most simple way add multiple URLs to Google.That’s as a result of a website sitemap compiles all (website data) of the links or pages on your site into one XML file. In most cases, your sitemap can feature your most useful pages, like your contact page, service page, or core product page. These pages usually seem on your website’s navigation bar.

How to submit multiple URLs to Google with a Single Sitemap 

In Google Search Console, you’ll be able to submit all of your URLs to Google (via a sitemap) in 4 steps:

  • Step 1 # First of all, you need to Create Gmail ID by to create google search console account.
  • Step 2 # Log in to your Google Search Console account.

    You need to create google search console account require property website ownership you have to add put code as given google instruction follow them and claim your own property.

  • step 3 # now Submit your XML Sitemap on google by put sitemap name commonly uses For instance: or need to simple put sitemap.xml  in to  sitemap option, You can find the Sitemaps report in the sidebar menu, beneath the “Index” heading. Click “Sitemaps” in Google Search Console.
    How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]
    How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]
    sitemap submitThe Sitemaps report will show your submitted sitemaps, as you can see the data information above picture such as :
  • Sitemap type
  • Submission date
  • Last read date
  • Status
  • Number of discovered URLs


Remember it, however, that Google won’t crawl and index your website instantly. It will take a number of days to a number of weeks for Google to review your sitemap. You can, however, use the Sitemaps report back to make sure that Google crawled your sitemap and review what number URLs it discovered from that sitemap.

After your website gets indexed, you’ll be able to begin drive Google Search Console in new ways that, including:

  • Assessing the mobile usability of your website
  • Analyzing the keywords or queries driving traffic to your website
  • Reviewing internal and external links to your website
  • And more
  • All this knowledge will facilitate your company improve your pages and their rankings in Google search results.

Download Google Apps: Google Play Store 9.3.30 APK / Google Play Store 9.4.18 APP.

How to Submit Bing Sitemap [Step-by-Step]

How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]
How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]
  • Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools by Google gmail id options.
  • Press “Add a Site” and supply the URL to Google website within the pop-up box.
  • Then press continue.
  • On the page that opens after, press the radio button right than“Add Meta Tag.”
  • Copy the Meta tag from the directions box. We’ll use this later.
  • Open a Other new tab within the browser and open the positioning you want to verify.
  • Click the overall from the tabs that is found right below website Setting tab.
  • Now the Meta tag derived from the directions box May to be The posted within the place right next to Verification.
  • Save the changes.
  • Go to Webmaster Tools wherever the Meta tag was derived from.
    Press Verify.

How To Submit URLs In yandex

How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]
How to Fast Submit URLs to google/bing/yandex/ [Quick Index]
  • Go to this net page:
  • Fill in your details to form a Yandex account, then click “Register”
  • Next, go to:
  • Either log in or click “Go”
  • Click the “+” button or the “Add Site” button
  • Enter your site’s main URL and click on “Add”
  • Copy the verification code within the content relation (without the quotes)
  • Go to your website and enter the verification code in your SEO plugin
  • Now return to Yandex Webmaster Tools and click on “Check”
  • Keep reading for additional elaborate directions on the way to do that, with screenshots.
  • enjoy it’s so simple.

Video Tutorial about Submit Url to google/bing/yandex


It’s all about Indexing in giant search engine network where you can drive traffic toward your website easily and Freely, It’s is useful for both viewer & publisher, because if you useful content on Internet through search engine Google,Bing,Yahoo,Yanex, obviously the traffic come from search engine and if you have placed any publisher advertising in your website for earning it will also increase your revenue. I have tried to brief it simple and easy procedure, if you face any hassle in this method ask me through Comments or email, don’t forget to subscribe our website.

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