Free Typing Lessons Typing practice, Typing Tutorial, Online website

Today we are here to share you about increase typing speed tips for you, many peoples are want to improve/increase typing speed & Free Typing Lessons within the game of Typing Race in Computer & laptop & Smartphone. As we know if we have not much typing speed we can’t utilize Computer benefits, In every field, the computer is used to increase efficiency and to save the time like in Banking sector, Stock Marketing, Corporate sector and in the organization for data entry works. So We will share you List of Free Typing Lessons Typing practice, Typing Tutorial, Online website 2020-2021-2020.

Free Typing Lessons Typing practice, Typing Tutorial, Online website 2019
Free Typing Lessons Typing practice, Typing Tutorial, Online website 2020-2021

We always heard practice makes perfect, in order to improve typing speed we need to practice on Free typing lesson or Typing practice or typing tutorial which can give you the assignment to improve your typing speed using Online website 2020 – 2021 highly Ranked websites.

Free Typing Lessons Typing practice, Typing Tutorial, Online website 2020-2021

If you are an Employee and have not good typing speed then don’t worry about this because in this article we explain about some online typing websites which are best for increasing typing speed. Learning to type online is good because you can learn easily without any need to install or download any typing software and you can learn to type online on any device having internet connectivity whenever you want to learn.

1. is the best online typing website to learn and increase typing speed. After opening the website, we have to create an account to start the course. The account sign up is free. This website offer typing course in different languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.

It offers you the 27 different typing lesson start from the beginning to end. It also offers you 23 different keyboard styles. After attending the course you will feel incredible change your typing skills to improve Free Typing Lessons.

Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed
Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed

For Android Typing Speed Test App: 

[appbox googleplay id=com.mindjug.typingelite&hl=en]

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10-fast-fingers are one of the cool typing speed checkers where you can free of cost improve your typing speed as well allow you to typing competition,, you should try for more fingers placement. It focuses on finger placement rather than typing.

This website also offers you various typing games, typing competition and typing tests to increase your typing skills with fun and practice combination. Unlike, you do not need to create an account on this website. This site allows you to compete with your friends.

Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed
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Another best typing website is to learn online typing. This website provides the user with typing tutorials, typing games and free official typing certificate. This website provides you with reviews in your problematic keys and also create the graph of your performance.

For the certificate, we have to apply for typing certification and this site provides you with beginners to high-level courses. is another popular online typing website which is especially for intermediate typing speed persons. You have to create an account before starting and then start learning. These websites compare your typing speed with others so you will compete with your friends.
It also provides the list of top person have fast typing speed. It provides the option for practice and also for entering a race with your friends and with others.
Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed
Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed Typing Race

5. is another website which improves your typing a lot. It offers you the  numerical courses along with letters who need more numerical typing Race.
It provides typing lessons from low level to high level. It also provides the typing test, practice option and notices your typing speed race.
Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed
Top 5 Best Websites Increase-Improve Typing Speed

6 # TypingWeb’s Free Tutor

Typingwebfreetutor is the best and best simple interface typing tutorial where you have to create the new account to using signup, then choose your desired course level Beginners to advanced or Mr perfect. It is new and advances strategy typing course which provides multiple lessons to learn easy to difficulty after the cross the rounds. randomly you will appear multiple complex words to typing each and everything accordingly.

best typing speed
best typing speed

7 # Rapid Typing Zone’s TypeDown

Rapid Typedown is another good gaming tutorial for typing zone where the words come with upward motions goad to correctly type each word to eliminate it from the letter. It is the round wise stages where you can play gaming environment to improve your typing speed it will ask you multiple randomly words to type you have to type accordingly on given time.

TypingWeb in that it doesn’t provide lessons for beginners, it certainly forces quick typing in an effort to not lose the game Typing Race.

best typing speed
best typing speed

8 # Typeracer

Typeracer is the cool typing tutorial where you have a car racer with another opponent you need to type fast to beat him, there is a competition to drive a car using typing, if you are quicker then opponent you may be the winner of the match. The fastest car moves along with the track. before starting this tutorial you need to signup to create the account then join the racing track.

best typing speed
best typing speed Typing Race

9 # TypeOnline’s Number pad

Typing online’s number pad is the famous bar style typing lesson where you will see the bar multiple words randomly appear to you to typing included numeric and words both show you to typing quicker, where TypeOnline’s Number pad exercises show to be useful. There are various exercises after the completion given task the typing speed along with accuracy will show your performance and Free Typing Lessons Typing Race.

best typing speed
best typing speed

10 # Keybr

Keybr is a well-known typing tutor which offers you nice interface, clear design for learning with 7 different languages supports. There are three different skill levers & randomly text, custom text or directly content writing online. When the test is over, the onscreen keyboard marks errors in red and the most typed keys in bright green.


11 #

Keyhero is the alternative option for improving typing speed online, It provides you typing tutor in three different languages, the cool interface for user attraction, just you need to signup on this website using google plus, Yahoo or Email. It will also give you task stage wise and you have to fulfill the assignment before given time.


12 # is another best website to improve typing speed with accuracy, This website provides a digital platform to compare our speed and complete with other. you need to register ont he website after that we can take part in onlien racing.


Video tutorial :

Final Words:

It’s all about you I have discussed Free Typing Lessons Typing practice, Typing Tutorial, Online website 2020-2021-2022 Typing Race  hope you will like this, So these are best online websites to increase typing skills online. If you have any of the websites online for improving typing speed please share it with us.share to your friends and comments below.
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