Google AdSense AD Technology Vendors (Third Party) | 2020

Google AdSense AD Technology Vendors (Third Party) | 2020 AdSense now allows ads from additional third-party ad technology vendors to show through your account. Allowing additional ad technology vendors will result in more ads being eligible to be shown to your users, and as a result, can potentially lead to higher earnings. Where you can more detail on Google Announcement:

Google AdSense AD Technology Vendors (Third Party) | 2020
Google AdSense AD Technology Vendors (Third Party) | 2020

moreover, keep in mind, These vendors are certified by Google for Third-party Ads partners, according to google the third-parties conducts a thorough certification process to make sure ad network to meet in order to google policies to ad serving with regard user with privacy,

Google AdSense AD Technology Vendors (Third Party) | 2020

The accuracy of measurement, latency and compy with google policies, So you can check all the listed third-party-vendors-partners here.

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The new third-party ad technology vendors you can control the Ads show if at all login to your AdSense account to click controlling enable/blocking ads,

  • First of all, you need to login into your Adsense account.
  • Just click on  Blocking controls and then All sites and thenAd serving.
  • you can find the additive option “Additional ad technology vendors“.t adsense ad serving tech 1593636172

This controller expands the listing of third party advertising technology vendors who are permitted to display ads through your AdSense account. These sellers use technology, such as pixels and biscuits, to reveal consumers customized advertisements, and are used by advertisers to targeting and reporting. This controller does not override EU user approval, California Consumer Privacy Act or other privacy regulatory configurations.

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