Guideline Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Desktop Google Chrome 68+

Today we are going to share you the very interesting tiny method where you can Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Desktop Google Chrome 68+ easily without any issue. First, you need to know in depth about “Picture in Picture“(PiP) Feature. The picture-in-picture mode is one of those features that you can experience more conveniently on your Android device than you can on your desktop computer. Google Chrome on Android 8.0+ allows full-screen videos to work in a smaller, reduced window which is drawn over all other applications, making it very convenient when you want to multitask and still want your video to continue can more information and download the direct link below.

Guideline Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Desktop Google Chrome 68+
Guideline Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Desktop Google Chrome 68+

Moreover, The Picture in Picture Feature can’t Work on Desktop google chrome As works on Any Android devices.but, the most senior person on Reddit  kasik96  shared the tutorial in a simple and easy way to Run picture-in-picture feature in Desktop PC Google Chrome 68+ without any problem.

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Guideline Enable Picture in Picture Mode on Desktop Google Chrome 68.

You do need Chrome 68 or beyond for this extension to work, and you also need the extension pre-installed.

don’t worry about this extension we will share you below about all tutorial guideline how can you enable picture-in-picture feature mode On.we request to you to follow proper guideline as mentioned in this post.

Download: Picture-in-Picture Chrome Extension

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Steps #  Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode Chrome 68+

  • First of all, you need to install Latest Chrome 68+ Extension on your Desktop PC here.
  • Afer successfully install the chrome extension you need to Zip file Picture in Picture Chrome Extension and unzip it.
  • now go to the URL address bar and type : Chrome://Flags enable the following Flags:
  • Enable #enable-experimental-web-platform-features.
  • Enable #enable-surfaces-for-videos.
  • Same Enable #enable-picture-in-picture.
  • After the enable these three modes just type in your URL address bar again in Chrome Type : chrome://extensions the list of extension installed in your Chrome you will see right top the Developer Mode, just turn on it.
  • Now click Load Unpacked.
  • Here locate and select the folder where you unpacked the zip file.
  • Play any YouTube video and click the extension browser icon to toggle Picture-in-Picture for the current video.
  • Enjoy 😀
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Video Clip Picture-in-picture mode on desktop google Chrome :


We have shared you simple and easy steps about Guideline Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode on Desktop Google Chrome 68+ with some download links to make easier to do these step, we have also shared you the video clip that would also help for you.Top 20 Most Famous Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster

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