Huawei has already shipped a Million Smart phones With ARK OS

Huawei has already shipped a Million Smart phones With ARK OS:Since then the events have precipitated and have ended up damaging the users of this smartphone brand that have many doubts about their future.


We all know very well that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has begin to develop its own Operating System just after the prohibition generated by the president of the US government that prevents all the US technology companies from providing their software and technologies to the smartphones and other devices of the Chinese, Huawei.

Huawei has already shipped a Million Smart phones With ARK OS

It is known that users will have to manually install the social network apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on Huawei smartphones. As the social network Facebook has stopped allowing the pre installation of its applications in Huawei smartphones in the last prohibition. As we know, it is usual practice of manufacturers, especially in Android, to include the most used applications installed by default so that users do not have to complicate their lives first.

The well known Chinese smartphone Huawei has accelerated its optimization.

  • New app store of Huawei:

             Another major part of the detachment of the well known Chinese Huawei and the Google’s Android is the app store, Huawei has to now promote its own application store, known as “AppGallery”.

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According to the well known platform, which is specialized in Android, XDA-Developers, the well known Chinese giant, Huawei is in contact with several developers so that in addition to publishing their apps on Google Play, they can also publish that in AppGallery.

Hence, the customers who already have Huawei smartphones will not be affected by this and may continue to have the applications with their respective updates. However, the new Huawei smartphones that are coming to the market may not have the social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram pre installed in it.

However, the fact is that the users can download them freely by their own, the only thing that will not be done is to maintain the agreement to have them pre-installed. Here we have to see how it affects us if they do not come pre installed in the smartphones of Huawei.

  • Bann on Huawei could be a US National security risk:

According to the latest reports, the tech giant Google is trying its best to convince the US government that banning the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei could simply put the US security at risk.

While the well-known Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei’s OS (operating system) would no longer rely on the tools like the Google Play Protect, which analyzes threats in applications. And not only that even Huawei would also need an alternative to the Play Store, and of course, it would be much less safe than the Play Store.

Despite the commercial ban, Chinese smartphones will still be used to communicate with people in the United States, and, they would be most vulnerable, as they could be used to obtain sensitive information since they would not be able to use any Google services and security tools.

  • Huawei rolls out android 9 Pie Update:

                  The custom user interface of the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, is one of the most excellent UI available in the market in recent times. It is one of the most fluent and stable custom UI, with a great variety of customization options and a good gesture navigation system.

Huawei is about to launch Mate 30 mobile Series:

         After the launch of the “Huawei P30” and “P30 Pro” which has shown impressive results in terms of performance, Autonomy and photography.

Although there are still many months left, but, it is clear that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has virtually closed the design of its next flagship, the Huawei Mate 30. According to the latest leaks, this model is expected to be announced on September 22, 2019

Huawei has already shipped a Million Smart phones With ARK OS.

However, it is almost certain that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei will want to continue using a version similar to the one we have seen in the P30 and Mate 20 How To Run Games Without Graphics Card 2019 Simple Fast.

It is expected that this model will feature 4 camera, the all new Kirin 985 with 5G internet connectivity and a 6.71 inch screen.

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