How To Merge Facebook Pages After Limit or Error 2020-2021 Trick

How To Merge Facebook Pages After Limit or Error 2020-2021 Facebook Pages are playing a vital role in Digital Marketing. For any kind of business whether it’s online or offline but Facebook Page is a must to represent their business and work. No doubt Facebook pages help to make a better relationship with Customers and other followers. If increase our business sales and popularity. These days Facebook pages are increasing at large extent as compare to accounts. So Facebook applies some limitations because no spammer is creating spam with a lot of Facebook features by misusing them.

How To Merge Facebook Pages After Limit or Error 2020-2021

How To Merge Facebook Pages After Limit or Error
How To Merge Facebook Pages After Limit or Error 
One of the best features of Facebook is Page merging actually Facebook introduces this feature to reduce the number of duplicate pages of the same name. But Some clever page admins misuse this option and compel Facebook to make limitations on merging. They Change different name pages approx or exact same as the name of the page then change it and merge them. In this way, the increase likes on their pages.
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What is Merging? What Limitations do Facebook Apply?

Merging is a technique that helps you to merge Facebook pages which are of the same name not different. Suppose i have 2 pages of name Safe Tricks both pages having like 1k instead of using them separately i merge them it becomes the page with 2k likes.  If you don’t know about merging or how to merge pages then method my tutorial about.

But some users use some tricks to change the Facebook page name and after changing they merge them. Which is against Facebook policies. So to control this issue Facebook applies limits. Facebook makes limits of 4,5 pages means you can only merge up to 4,5 pages with the same name after that error will occur Which is something like.

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An error has occurred while merging pages. This May Be Caused by your attempt to merge too many pages

The solution of Merge After Error

Facebook officially introduces the request procedure for merging. By using this method you can merge pages after the error or even if you are the Facebook error by mistake but the making issue is this feature currently available is the USA, CA, and UK. So don’t worry today i will explain to you how to request Facebook to merge them.

Settings For Merging in Chrome

  • First of all Open Google Chrome and the download Hola Better Internet Extension.
  • After installing this extension small extension icon will appear.
  • Click on the Icon and select US or Canada to apply proxies.
  • After Selecting make sure its working or not.
hole chrome extension

Steps For Merging Pages

  • Now Login to your Facebook Account
  • Then to merge Facebook pages Click Here

    facebook marge page
    facebook marge page
  • If the form will appear then it’s fine another refresh that forms again or otherwise change your country in Hola Extension.
  • Select Your Page in 1st Page option ( Page Which wants to keep)

    facebook marge page
    facebook marge page
  • Tick the box and select 2nd Page which you want to merge.
  • Make Sure that you select same pages in an accurate manner
  • Now Submit Your request.

    facebook marge page
    facebook marge page
After Submission waits for email request for your request which will take around 24-48 hours or up to 1 week. In case your request will be denied then again request Facebook in same.
Note:- Don’t submit multiple Request to Facebook about merging the same page until Facebook response back your first request otherwise it may lead your page deletion.

Best Way to Use This Request Method

  • Make Sure that your both page names should be the same. If you want then read about changing Page Name After 200+ Likes
  • Page Category Should be same for both page ( Local Business Recommend)
  • If your Pages having Addresses then add the same address in both
  • Try To make Your both Pages similar as much as possible this will increase the chance of request approval.
  • By using this request method you can merge Big Pages Into Small pages also. But names of both pages should be same.
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Video Tutorial:

  1. merge Facebook pages after limit
  2. merge Facebook pages
  3. pages after limit or error
  4. Facebook pages after limit
  5. Facebook pages


How To Merge Facebook Pages After Limit or Error 2020-2021 This form officially introduced by Facebook about merging. Sometimes Facebook merges pages as frequently. I also use the same form to merge a huge amount of pages. I hope this method will solve your merge issue. If you have any kind of problem you must share your view in the comments.
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