Only WhatsApp works. This app also comes with full enjoyment of chatting, try it


When it comes to chatting on a smartphone, we have a lot of knots in our mouths. WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app. If you want to enjoy chatting to the fullest, we can install another app. In which you can enjoy chatting twice with the help of animated stickers or snaps. Apart from WhatsApp you can make the chatting experience fun using this app.

If there is one thing that is hitting WhatsApp hard, it is Telegram. Telegram is for you if you want your data to be private. Telegram has almost all the features available like WhatsApp and is currently one of the most secure messaging services. The app also has the option to share a file of 100MB.

Viber Messenger Viber

has long been involved in popular chatting applications and all its features give users a complete chatting experience. With its help, users can also self-district chat.

On this you also get worldwide news and many stickers can be downloaded and used in chatting. However, it is definitely a little heavier than the rest of the chatting apps. Which reduces the memory of the phone as well as affects the battery.


Snapchat is one of the most unique messenger apps and supports everything from voice
calls to video messengers, photo messages and text messages. After seeing the message on this service, it is automatically deleted. Snapchat Story is also very popular. Which lasts up to 24 hours.

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