How To Set Yoast SEO Sitemap Link Limit/Split Per page

How To Set Yoast SEO Sitemap Link Limit/Split Per page: hello guys, today we are here to share you most common question on the internet about the “Set Sitemap link limit in Yoast SEO” on a single page with simple and easy method. In this method, you can split your Yoast sitemap into any desire numbers, remember google consider fast page opening site.

How To Set Yoast SEO Sitemap Link Limit/Split Per page
How To Set Yoast SEO Sitemap Link Limit/Split Per page

moreover, you must know, google or other search engine company uses own bot technology where they can scan your page/website in deep layer and get high-quality content which beneficial for audience rest of the world.

How To Set Yoast SEO Sitemap Link Limit/Split Per page

Why We decrease the sitemap link limit?

Google always likes to speed up pages/post link opening for users, not everyone has high-speed internet facilities that’s why google prefers to those pages which have the ability to fast opening in mobile/desktop to save users time.

Benefits for 200 links per page in the sitemap?

If your page is lightweight the google/bing/yahoo bot scans your sitemap quickly and indexes in own search engine faster for the audience. if your content is valuable for users and sitemap bot come in your site late might be, you content can steal by anyone or index related material on google by anyone.

Google always prefer to unique content which useful for those user’s are searching. if your sitemap minimum links per page its chances to increase your indexing faster then default value 1000 per page.

Do Yoast SEO plugins offer to limit links on a sitemap?

the answer is NO. in the past version Yoast SEO offers this facility to limit sitemap 100/200/300/500 as per your wish, now after the upgrading, this feature is removed from Yoast, we don’t know why yoast team removed this beneficial feature in their plugins,

The Yoast SEO latest version are not available this feature but, we can help you out to use this feature along with Yoast SEO plugin.  just you need to put code as given below in your function.php file which is associated with your theme.

How to Set Limit Sitemap links

  • First of all, you need to open your WordPress dashboard.
  • after successful open, now you need to go to the “SEO” plugins which Yoast SEO to make sure you have installed in your hosting.
  • now, go to the appearance under the option “Theme Editor“.
  • you will see the codes in front of you, don’t edit it just see on your right side where Theme files are available.
  • just click on a function.php file.
  • after the click function.php, there are main themes codes available just go to the down on the code.
  • simply page paste these codes in your button of the page for split sitemap links.


/* Limit the number of site map entries (Yoast SEO plugin) */
function max_entries_per_sitemap() {
return 100;

add_filter( ‘wpseo_sitemap_entries_per_page’, ‘max_entries_per_sitemap’ );

  • you can see the return 100, this is the limit per page of your sitemap, you can increase/decrease value as per your wish, but the standard value 200.
  • now simply save the file.
  • for checking purpose you can check your sitemap like



It’s all about to How To Set Yoast SEO Sitemap Link Limit/Split Per page I have tried to explain in very simple and easy words, everyone can do set the limit as per their wish. I have tried on Theme: Newspaper and successfully split my sitemap into the 200 links per page which are the standard value.

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