SnapChat First Laptop App on Google Pixel Book

SnapChat First Laptop App on Google Pixel Book: Good news for Snapchat lovers now Cnapchat launches First Laptop Snapchat App for Google Pixel Book, previously we know Snapchat started with a mobile app and became famous amongst youngster & Elders.after some time its subscribers base is increasing then the company decided to launch new Snapchat laptop app.

SnapChat First Laptop App on Google Pixel Book
SnapChat First Laptop App on Google Pixel Book 1

According to the latest information, Snapchat is building a new version for upcoming Pixelbook by Google. This Pixelbook works totally like a laptop or tablet and runs Chrome OS.

SnapChat Laptop App on Google Pixel Book

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SnapChat First Laptop App on Google Pixel Book

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have already launched their desktop version before. However the Photo sharing App, Snapchat has only remained in iPhone and Android phones to date.

Matt Vokoun, Google Hardware executive said:

We’re thrilled to announce that the Snap team is working with us to bring an amazing Snapchat experience to the larger screen on Pixelbook

It not known yet that how the App which opens to the phone’s front camera by default will function on the larger Pixelbook. This new laptop Snapchat will allow its users to message each other on Pixelbook’s physical keyboard and access their photos and videos through app’s memories feature.

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Pixelbook will cost $999 and goes on sale on October 31. Google’s Pixelbook has a front facing camera that will be used for taking selfies which will later be sent via Snapchat.

Snap spokesperson revealed that their team is excited about the partnership and they will announce more surprises near the launch date of the device.

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