Top 30 New Android Apps Free [Updated 20 May a2020]

Top 30 Best New Android APPS Free 2020 [Updated 20 May 2020] Since the first Android app the Google play store has expanded drastically. With so much stuff and not enough time to explore what is best of it. That is why we bring you the best of the best there is. We have collected the best & cool Fre Android Apps for you.

Top 30 Best New Android APPS Free 2020 [Updated 20 May 2020]
Top 30 Best New Android APPS Free 2020 [Updated 20 May 2020]

moreover, these apps are free and some of them are paid, but affordable prices, so these apps will help you to in any assignment/project, so this new app are not famous because of the new app so let’s check it more in details about Top 30 Best New Android APPS Free 2019- 2020 [Updated 20 June 2020].

Top 30 New Android Apps Free [Updated 20 May a2020]

1-mx player:

This is an amazingly full-featured video viewing app better than the factory app. It has the accessory of editing built into it and it’s totally free. This app has an amazing reputation on the Google play store as it has almost 500,000,000+ downloads and positive reviews throughout Android apps free 2020.


Google mail or so-called Gmail is being forced with useless updates that have caused it to stop on certain phones. So if you think that you need to view emails swiftly without fear of unauthorized access and annoying ads spark is the app for you.

Spark not only can manage emails from Gmail but it also supports other platforms as well with built-in new features that are sure to wow you. 

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If you are a person who likes to take pictures and loves art well this is an app for you. As you can see it takes the pictures you have taken and creates stunning and beautiful artwork of it. The quality is amazing and ads don’t disturb you in any way possible. 


If you like animations or stop motion and don’t have the budget to buy the necessary equipment then you only just need a phone and this app. This app can make a prop come to life. With its simple UI and functions, it’s so simple and easy to use.


The last pass is an amazing password manager, instead of typing numerous passwords and remembering them all last pass does that for you. So you only have to remember one password to anything Android apps free 2020.

6-Habit Tracker:

A habit tracker app combined with a top Alarm app might be the perfect combination to start with the long-pending goal. This is the best Google app that you should add to your fitness regime, Android app Free 2019 if you want to get fit.

7-Easy DND (Do Not Disturb):

Easy DND is a do-not-disturb app that offers a colorful UI and easy accessibility. Easy DND is an excellent choice. It can keep unwanted attention off your back.


Rise – Sleep better is an app that’s something of a sleep aid. If you’ve got sleep issues this is a must to have app. It offers four different methods to get a better night’s sleep, and it will even learn from your sleeping habits to better customize your suggested techniques. 


It is a bit of a complicated app with tons of features, unique design and smart looks give this app a professional feel. With snap seed’s thousands of filters so your every photo is unique.

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As the name suggests it is an app with tons of wallpapers. The professionally designed artistic wallpapers give a live feeling to your screen and make you feel emotions similar to the picture. It’s simple and easy to use and ads free.


 Android apps free 2020T his is an amazing app if you are that type of guy who likes current updates with the new place. You have 40 million feeds coming in and out and it’s useful if you are a market fanatic.


Android apps free 2020 It has over 100 million downloads and it is a Photoshop on Android. The thing is that if you want to edit photos on the go and make them look professional, this is the app you need. Packed with so many features you may never run out of photo ideas.


Just like any other animation software this one is on an android and far more simple. Packed with thousands of features it makes your animation look mighty professional.


This amazing app might already be on your phone. This beauty is so simple and amazing that even with new updates it is getting better and better. It knows the locations of your local streets as well as their pronunciations. Its voice guidance is crystal clear.

15-google earth:

This is the most prominent pictured out viewer of earth, that’s right Google Earth. It gives precise and amazing HD detail even street views. And the amazing thing is that it’s free on the play store.

16-google translate:

This is an amazing Google accessory, if you can’t speak a foreign language it will speak for you with is amazing UI and interactive AI. You get support for over 100 languages and Google translate is constantly updating to give you more feature.

17-carrot weather:

This app is packed with useful info that you need for a perfect day out. It gives an amazing forecast for a whole month it’s amazingly accurate and the UI is pleasing to the eye.

18-taomix 2:

This app provides meditation sounds to please the brain. You can now relax and enjoy your day with this app numerous sounds that meditate the body and a new UI to make it look fresh.

19-remix live:

If you like making music but don’t like all the hard work well there is an app for that as well. You can simply make music by taping and recording your own interests.

20-ia writer:

This app is a focused writing app; the interface physiologically makes the mind able to write words. So when you write in this app your brain loves it and a whole new fascination box opens in your mind android apps free 2020.

21-cam scanner:

This app helps you scan any piece of paper and make the image sharp and crystal clear, it has image to text technology as well so this is a pretty decent app.


This app helps to relieve you of the temptation of using the phone. This app starts showing a tree growing if you don’t touch your phone as soon as you do anything on it the tree dies and you are left with a dead stick, so be careful its fun.


If you have had the urge to watch movie but forget which one at the cinema then install letterboxed it shows you the latest movies and you can add them to your watch list. 

24-sago mini friends:

If your Android tablet frequently finds itself in the hands of a little one, and you want them to engage in something useful then ensure Sago Mini Friends is installed. This features a cartoon visiting houses and getting involved in all manner of kid-friendly activities, which they would enjoy. 

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Face it you want a video player that plays every video format available well the VLC app does it. This company has vowed to help its user to the end and its UI shows that they are not that far away. Simple, classy and elegant design.


If you are a fan of astronomy this app is for you. With its sleek interface and amazing navigation, it guides you through different constellations and shows the whole Milkyway and many more.


If you like painting but hate the way things get the dirt you should install pigment. It has various input methods that are unique in their own way. Not only there is tap to insert input but other ways as well. It is total stress-relieving app and helps you utilize your time more creatively. 


If you like running or jogging and want to keep track of it but every other good app is either paid or infested with ads. The run keeper app is simple and has a fresh-looking UI so you love the way how you run and track.

29-zomies run:

This is another fitness app but with things spiced up. If you stop to take unnecessary rests zombies will eat your brain run to the safe house. You got locations that it selects to help you and it also has a music selection so you might live through the apocalypse.


If you want to learn a new language fast and interactively so that you don’t have trouble in another country or just for fun then download this app. It has a fun format and an interactive UI so it’s the entire way fun learning course Top 30 Best New Android APPS Free 2019- 2020 [Updated 20 June 2019].


I have shared you Top 30 Best New Android APPS Free 2020 [Updated 20 May 2020]  these apps are much helpful for any project/schooling/assignment. it should be in your android phone because it is daily usage apps I hope you will like this and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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