Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018

Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018: There are several tips and tactics to reduce server load so that your system runs smoothly. Some of them are discussed below; hopefully, this will serve you as you want.Once your website is done and running properly it might be time to take a look at your server load. Websites can start to get bogged down with hefty images, numerous pieces of JavaScript, and large CSS files. All these can add to a website that is not as much optimized and might run slower and become frustrating to the user. Today, we will have a look tips, and tools you can apply to reduce your server load.

Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018
Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018

Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018

  1. Use YSlow for Firebug

YSlow is a Firefox add-on that incorporates into the firebug web development tool. YSlow rates website performance and download speed based on rules set by Yahoo Developer team for optimized web sites. YSlow can demonstrate how many resources and downloading times are necessary for your site, and tips on how to improve this.

  1. Use SmushIt for your images is a service that makes use of image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to grasp the last bytes from your images – with no change in their look or quality. You can apply as a Firefox add-on, or you can go to their site and utilize the up loader that is given. is a must-have plug-in if you frequently apply images on your site.

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  1. Move your Javascript files to the bottom of your page

Although this is not always feasible to do, rather a good idea, if you can. When a browser downloads CSS, scripts, and images from your website, it generally has a highest amount of information it can stream at once. By inserting the scripts at the base of page, we can permit the fundamentals to load first Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018.

  1. Compress your Javascript

This is something worth doing. By removing the whitespace from your scripts, you can decrease their file size, and therefore, decrease the loading time of your site. There is the plethora of online tools to make this for you, such as Javascript Compressor or JSMin.

  1. Use CSS sprites

When you apply CSS sprites, you merge your background images into one image, and position those using CSS. So in spite of downloading numerous images for your CSS, just one image file have to be loaded.

  1. Split up your data across different domains

If you are operating a bigger site that brings a large number of visitors, you may think placing your information and data on another domain. Through this approach, you are maximize the quantity of downloads you can have.

  1. Reduce your HTTP requests

Open your preferred code editor and look at the “HEAD” section of your page. Did you find some scripts that can be combined into one? And those CSS files? Is there any possible way to reduced some of them? Think about these questions and examine your website, take a look at how many requests your site requires to make for scripts and try to decrease this number.

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  1. Compress your CSS files

The same as we discussed about compressing our Javascript files, it is a fine thought to compress your CSS files too. Doing so will strip the whitespace and decrease the general file size?

  1. Do your best to remove any 404s

When a client strike a 404 page not found, it is frustrating and a costly HTTP request. This is particularly true if Javascript and CSS files could not found. In the mean time, a lot of 404s can actually diminish load on your server.

  1. When possible, declare height and width

It is better to state the size and height of your image tags, since this will perk up the loading speed of your website. If you do not state them, the browser will outline the dimensions and took valuable time.


To decrease your server load it is important to know what needs to be optimized and dealt with. lets you track CPU, memory, and hard disk usage and an excess of other information. It is extremely helpful for finding out what is consuming the most resources.

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  1. Create a website template

If you want to create a portfolio or website. It is useful to create a pre-optimized template with the scripts and files you will require to get on track. This will save your time.  So you can easily to build a nice optimized template folder.

  1. Check out Pylot

Pylot is a free open source tool that assists in testing performance and scalability of web services. It runs an HTTP load test that is useful for capacity planning, analysis, benchmarking, and system tuning.

I hope you have got some tips, script, or tools useful to Top Best Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load 2018.

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