When taking a photo with a smartphone, keep this in mind, photos will look professional

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The trend of photography has completely changed with the advent of smartphones. People don’t forget to take photos wherever they are. With many of the best apps in mobile you can simplify the task of photography. But one thing is also that taking a great photo from a smartphone is not so easy. Naturally you may have seen such bad photos taken from a smartphone. For this, it is very important to pay attention to some things. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when taking photos from your phone

Use the gridline to balance the shots

If you want to better take a photo of your mobile, go to your camera settings and turn on the gridline. When you turn it on, many lines will start appearing in the camera. These lines work on the rule of photography. It has a total of 9 columns. If you bring your photo between these intersections, the photo will be better. Also focus on your object while taking a photo.

Experiment with photos

It looks better if the photos are taken from another and special angle. Try taking a photo of yourself sitting on a high place and taking a photo of a flying plane or a bird. Your experience will be amazing.

Play with reflection

The mind is very happy to see your photo falling into the water. Now if you put it in the photo, it would be pretty good. So play with the reflection created on the surface of the glass, glasses, water glass and click great photos.

Take a photo with the leading line in mind

You must have noticed that many photos have some lines that take the user a long way. These are called leading lines. It can also be straight and round. In such a situation you can take photos of railway tracks, CDs and roads passing through the forest.

Use color wisely

What if the whole photo is black and white except for the object? Naturally, it will look very beautiful. For this, you can take the help of some special application. With the app, you can only color black and white photos.

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